Roadmovie is a small team with great potential. We are trained to work against the clock. Our company has DPs, producers, videomakers and a small warehouse where there is everything you may need for a small shoot and if you need to go big… we can’t wait to go big with you.



The company has started with Massimo and Emilio being partners to share DP gigs gathering gear to create a kit.

Soon, Roadmovie became trustworthy and clients began to ask not only for the DP roles but also for crewmembers and more elaborate services. Then, the family has grown, shaping into the fully equipped production company we are today.

In the years, while Massimo deepened his expertise in cinematography, Emilio specialized as a steadicam and ARRI Trinity Operator.

Roadmovie has lately narrowed down in automotive, fashion shootings as well as in lightweight docu-reality setups.

What has never left is the high quality service and the joy and the thrill to be on set.

We are a close-knight team that believes in having a good time while doing what we love, with people we love.
And we love what we do.  

Emilio Giliberti

Co-founder, Trinity operator, Director of photography

Massimo Schiavon

Co-founder, Director of photography

Giuliana Mussi


Dario Figoli


Julien Dehers

Cameraman, 1AC

Sara Spigariolo

Junior producer