In Milan, if you wish to shoot exteriors and you want to use public areas, there are authorizations and permits you must acquire. The level of the authorization varies depending on the size of your shoot, the area of the city you want to use, as well as the final purpose of the footage.

The main interlocutors for Milan’s urban area are:

Milan City Council website has a clear explanation of the process in order to obtain the paperwork.


The city is very receptive when it comes to shooting, lots of production pushed the city council to create quite a smooth process to authorize:

A permit for a light equipment shoot arrives in 3 working days or less if there is no laid down equipment, can take up to 3 weeks for a drone authorization. 

You will need a third party liability insurance, some paperwork to fill, some stamps to buy, some coins to bring to the office, some patience: offices to have the right to shoot, the right to park your van with equipment, to occupy public areas with easy ups are very well spread in the urban area.

That’s when our help becomes handy: we’ve done it so many times we call the clerks by name. 

As we know Milan so well, we know there are offices and procedures for every location in Italy.