The Design Weeks Challenges

Would it ever occur to you to organize the presentation of your collection in a place where, originally, pelota was played? Yep, just that sport in which you throw the ball against a wall. Located in one of the coolest neighborhoods of Milan, La Pelota is the venue of fashion brand Hermès for Design Week 2023 in Milano, who’s choosing Roadmovie as a video-service for the third year in a row.

For us it is an honor, of course, but also a great challenge.
Yes because the set-up is really beautiful, big, colorful but, for example, it takes a lot of awareness in positioning TX and getting, from anywhere, the right feed.

The first two years, due to coronavirus restrictions, the whole set-up was also enjoyed by the public through an international streaming on Zoom, which we took care of: the script provided for the presenters to go through the exhibition entering and leaving the different structures and illustrating, inside, the various collections. While the host, followed by the steadicam, was talking about  what could be admired inside, our V-MIX director sent a video contribution, most of all b-rolls of the creations, at the end of which we returned to the presenter to enter another house together with the steadi and so on until, leaving the last structure, we went to the studio to answer the questions of connected journalists.

What does it mean in technical terms?
Adjust camera presets, for example, to have color uniformity despite being of two different types. If in 2021 everything happened live, in 2022, we decided to do as it is used in the TV news and some interviews or product details were filmed before the opening of the events and aired during the live broadcast. Important for our client was to be able to publish the videos online on social media the day after the event. This means that the editing was carried out directly on site, together with them.

Delegated, for the third year in a row, to take care of the set-up from scratch, we suggested to Hermès, to further increase the quality, to use the Trinity with Red V Raptor camera instead of the steadicam.

Filming was mainly done on saturday, editing on sunday and monday the work was ready.

Like all the other years the set-up was rendered solely and exclusively with our equipment, without renting anything.
The Steadicam? We have it.
The Ronin? Also.
The Trinity? There is.

Along with the Mac, Sennheiser G2 microphones, the TX videos mentioned above, the video mixer and a lot of other things … We’re ready for anything: from huge pre-productions to the light crew called at the last second.

Roadmovie is a full-service team: are we always ready to jump into a van with everything we need in terms of people and equipment to make a product that lives up to expectations. Don’t you believe it? Call us and we’ll prove it to you.

Roadmovie is a fully equipped video production company based in Milan – Italy

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