A small survival tutorial for TV VIPs and influencers

Having a VIP or a top talent – or just an actor – on set can be a source of stress. Let’s see what are the best strategies to make the shooting day as smooth as you wish.

What happens before talent arrives on set

Usually before the talent arrives on set you deal either with agent or manager or both. Make sure you have a chat with them, and see what is the relationship between him and the talent. An attitude of fear or apprehension of management may represent an alarm of a big personality/fiery character. Make sure you get the talent hospitality rider. If you’re the manager: make sure you have one ready to hand out.

Most of the time the talent will need 5% of the rider, but as a production company you want to make sure that every line is covered. Sometimes the agents add some extravagant item so that they make sure you read the whole thing.

Sometimes the managers depict them as evil, and when the talent arrives is docile as a poppy. You’ll know only once he’s there.

Prep his/her greenroom, get there everything is needed, text the management once your star is the building. 

What happens when talent arrive on set

Once you get them on set, make sure their schedule is clear, and explain to them what are the challenges you’re facing. They may not give a damn, and give you their best smile. But hey, they’re a human being just like you, and may understand what you’re going through. Bear in mind talents are busy people who are taking care of themselves, most of the time they don’t want to be evil.

The average experience we had is that they come in late and try to leave as soon as possible, even if the quality of the outcome may be jeopardized by their rush, but that’s your chance to stand out as a crew.

Make sure your crew had lunch before their arrival: they will not stop for lunch, and will be ready to read all your script without interruptions.

  1. Make sure they have some space when they can do their calls and selfies, at the same time, make sure you have an ally in that room (A MUA or a costume designer) who can speed up the process, or an outfit change will take an unreasonable amount of time.
  2. compress their shooting into a time schedule where they have no breaks even if that means to re-shoot the same background.
  3. have more than one shot ready, so that they just need to walk and give you the next line,
  4. have a teleprompter.
  5. set them free before schedule, and grant yourself the next job.

What happens when talent leave

It’s best not to take selfies with them, as that defines you. And you’re a professional, right? 

Make sure their car is ready when they are, and that’s it! Hopefully you’ll work with him again!

As Roadmovie we’ve worked with all kinds of talents: Spoiled teenager youtubers, humble movie superstars as well as elite athletes. And all of them have been a piece of experience. Who is the talent you are going to work with?

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