Roadmovie offers a large variety of services in Italy all around the use of Arri Trinity.

ARRI TRINITY is the golden boy of Roadmovie’s gear and Emilio Giliberti, one of our founders, really knows his stuff amongst ARRI TRINITY operators in Italy.

TRINITY is an hybrid camera stabilizer produced by ARRI that combines mechanical stabilization with electronic stabilization.

We have owned it since 2018 when Emilio, already a steadicam operator, wanted to take it to the next level which this piece of kit literally is: the fluidity and organic motion of a steadicam, the precision and flexibility of a stabilized gimbal.

Let’s say you have complicated camera movements, long takes, a location with confined space, little time for shooting… ARRI TRINITY definitely is the best choice.

It allows the operator to reach new angles, inedited viewpoints, smooth sequence shots.

And, from a practical point of view, it’s time saving. If, for instance, you’re looking for a transition from the actor’s feet to an over-the-shoulder shot, it’s far quicker to set up the ARRI TRINITY compared to a dolly and a camera crane. That also means you take home more footage. 

Movies, tv series, commercials, fashion shows, music and sports video… we’ve marked them all. 

Our ARRI TRINITY Service usually is a full package which includes: the rental, the operator and an assistant.