We’ve been in your position: seeking for a production company abroad, wondering if they can do the job as you would, facing a number of challenges due to time constraints, communication difficulties, peculiarities related to the specific job culture and laws in your country. As a production service company in Milan, we deal with lots of foreigners every year.

Our strength is that we are set people: we do love to be on set, we were born on set and then turned into a production company.

During the years, we developed specific skills related to specific environments such as automotive, fashion, sports.

We can offer a piece of service or the whole package:

Roadmovie will assign a producer to your project who will be your go-to person for every need: will support you during the production, constantly updating the budget and counseling on schedule, production plan. He will be your hands and eyes in Italy prior to your arrival.
When it comes to bureaucracy, every country creates its own nightmare. The easiest way to get shooting permits is to rely on an italian company who can deal with the public administration and its italian-speaking clerks.
If your shooting is b-roll and interviews, you may just need a chaperon who deals with practical resolution of everyday problems: restaurants, gaff tape, mosquito lotion, handling 9 seaters.
You’re welcome to spend the last days of pre production in our offices based in Milan: meeting room, private office and a relaxing courtyard will be available for your meetings and last polishing of budget and scripts.
We yearn for clearness and transparency on fees, working hours and union rules: we are offering our best selection of professionals, and that comes with a price. Roadmovie has an ongoing relationship with ACs, DITs, props masters, grips, gaffers, home economists, drivers, race car drivers, animal trainer…you name it, we’ve worked with one.
Roadmovie has a well stocked gear room: top notch cameras, cinema lenses, lighting, and a small shelved van ready to hit the road. We established a strong relation with all the major equipment rental companies for whatever is needed on the field: L&G vans, Camera vans, Combo truck generators, Russian Arm (U-cranes ?), wirecams, drones, winnibagos, makeup trucks etc etc.
Einstein once said: “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”. During the pandemic, we learned how to livestream as pros: we refined a streaming system aimed to offer agencies and clients the chance to stay home and view the production camera from there, communicating with all the key figures on set. We call it Smart-Set, and you should check it out.
Once the film is in the can, we surely can post produce it. We’ll define the pipeline with you and source the ideal freelancers, as well as companies, to go through the whole post production process.